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1. Industry leader of regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Since its founding over two decades ago as a company focusing on regenerative medicine and cell therapy technologies, MEDINET has worked to realize a society where advanced medical treatment is available anytime, anywhere for patients in need, and has strived to bring hope to patients afflicted with disease. This commitment has spawned a revolutionary business model centered on immuno-cell therapy for cancer. MEDINET provides numerous medical institutions with innovative techniques and services that allow more patients to receive cutting-edge medical treatment.

  • Osaka National Hospital, a National Hospital Organization
  • Seta Clinic Tokyo
  • Aoikai Medical Corporation, AOI Universal Hospital
  • Kenkoigaku Association Particle Radiotherapy Clinic
Contracted Medical Institutions

2. Manufacturing team of professionals

Commissioned development and manufacturing to meet client requirements

MEDINET offers the specialized technology and expertise required to manage cell processing facilities for immuno-cell therapy. We provide personnel for cell processing and culturing, quality assurance certification, technology development and more. With an overwhelming number of patient-specific cell processing experiences, we provide highly value-added development and manufacturing expertise to help our clients achieve clinical and commercial success.


Personnel with advanced regenerative medical technology expertise

MEDINET’s competitive advantage in CDMO is its personnel, who are equipped with extensive experience and skills backed by through training programs. MEDINET can support client development and commercialization of regenerative medicine and cell therapy under one roof.

Cell processing facility designed to enable compliance with Japanese, US, and European regulations(Shinagawa CPF)

Strategically located near Tokyo International Airport, the Shinagawa CPF is equipped to comply with Japanese, US, and European cell processing regulations. In May 2015, the facility obtained a license to manufacture specified cell products, and besides, in January 2020, obtained a license to manufacture regenerative medicinal products. Shinagawa CPF development and manufacture of specific cell products, and also offer processing for all cell and tissue varieties, from regenerative medical product development to commercial production.

3. A solid track record and innovative network of industry, academia, and medical institutions

Expertise based on a solid track record

We have a proven track record since 1999 of satisfying client needs with industry-leading development and manufacturing expertise.

Full package services

  • Center for Advanced Medical Innovation, Kyushu University
  • The Medical Corporation KOSHIKAI, Seta Clinic Group

Technical license

  • National Hospital Organization Osaka Medical Center

Cell processing facility operations

  • Innovative Clinical Research Center, Kanazawa University

In-clinic operating services for immuno-cell therapy advanced medical technologies B

  • The University of Tokyo Hospital

Investigator-led joint clinical trial and clinical research in immuno-cell therapy

  • National Hospital Organization Kyushu Cancer Center, Kyoto University, Juntendo University, Tokyo Medical University, Nagoya University, Japanese Red Cross Medical Center, Yokohama City University, Duke University (US), Queensland University (Australia), etc.

Collaboration with foreign companies

Histogenics Corporation(US)
License agreement for the development and sale of products such as autologous cultured cartilage MDNT01 and aim for manufacture and sale approval in Japan.
MaxCyte Inc. (US)
MEDINET has been working with MaxCyte on joint development of electroporation technology.
TC BioPharm Ltd. (UK)

Innovative network of industry, academia, and medical institutions

MEDINET believes that we have to work on increasing awareness and understanding among physicians and medical institutions, in addition to patients. This in turn necessitates the practice of evidence-based medicine (EBM), collection and formulation of clinical evidence, and communication of such evidence to the medical community via announcements and other means. We work on developing new regenerative medicine and cell therapy. We also pursue joint clinical research with leading biopharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and medical institutions, in order to commercialize innovative technology for people suffering from refractory diseases such as cancer by taking advantage of accumulated MEDIENT's experience and know-how.