Sustainability at MEDINET

MEDINET's philosophy, with the power of imagination, we turn Creative Vision into Reality with the ethos of Patient First, is composed of fundamental beliefs. MEDINET incorporates our philosophy into our corporate activities and has responsibility to continue to put the philosophy into practice. Therefore, every person in the company challenges to "create innovative technologies for building future medical care, and continue to bring such technologies to the public in a prompt and efficient manner."

Sustainability takes into consideration economic, social and environmental opportunities and supports the long-term success of the company. At MEDINET, sustainability means aligning our business strategy to meet social needs, especially medical needs. We will work to achieve both profitable growth and contribution to the sustainability of the world through our business activities.

As a responsible global company, MEDINET, which is the company aspiring to provide the most advanced medical treatment anytime, anywhere for patients in need, understands the impacts of our business activities on patients, customers, employees, business partners, shareholders/investors, local communities. MEDINET will continue to corporate and communicate closely with stakeholders to meet their demands and expectations, which leads to the long-term success of the company.

Sustainability at MEDINET: Contribution to the sustainability of the world through our business activities