With Our Employees

“With the power of imagination, we turn Creative Vision into Reality with the ethos of Patient First.”

To realize this management philosophy for sustainable growth of our businesses and continuous contribution to society, we think that it is crucial for our employees to be able to work vigorously toward this goal, so we aim to build a comfortable working environment.


MEDINET-ism is a summary of the ideas and principles to help all employees to work meaningfully.

By practicing this, we believe that we can develop as a company, and that each employee can grow.

Initiatives for work-life balance

Since the beginning, MEDINET has maintained a company culture of fairly evaluating each employee’s ability and contribution rather than emphasizing age, gender, or number of years at our company. Presently, the male-female employee ratio is almost one to one.

To ensure that employees can work effectively, we are engaged in creating a comfortable working environment for everyone, providing childbirth support for female employees, and childcare and nursing care support for all employees. Our work-life balance initiatives were highly rated by local governments and given various awards.

Featured in a special issue of “Companies where women can work comfortably” on the Rikunabi NEXT online job information site

Awarded with the “Yokohama Good Balance Award—Small and medium-size enterprises where it is easy for employees to work and foster children” (2012)

Awarded with the “Yokohama Good Balance Award” (2008)

Commended as an “Advanced company with gender equality” by Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (2009)

Certified by the Kanagawa Prefectural Government as a member of organizations that support child care (2010)

Activities as a partner company promoting "Cancer Screening Corporate Action”

The Cancer Screening Corporate Action is a national project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare aiming to raise the cancer screening rate to over 50%. In December 2009, MEDINET joined this project as a partner company, and we are maintaining and promoting the health of employees and their family members.